Ceramic Car Coating Liquid Glass 50ML 9H Hardness


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Ceramic Car Coating Liquid Glass 50ML 9H Hardness


CRYSTAL CERAMIC COATING is a thin, flexible, permanent 9H ceramic coating with previously unachievable durability and hydrophobic properties.

Our top-of-the-line low maintenance self-cleaning coating is slick to the touch and imparts a deep gloss to paintwork. Diamond’s unparalleled paint protection against environmental factors will keep your car looking better than new as long as you own it.


Formulated for paint care
Lasting: 6 months
Shining: 5☆
Hardness: 9H
Coating Thickness: 30um
Hydrophobic: 5☆
Dry time: 3 hours
Chemical Resistance: 5☆

How to apply:

1、Wash the car’s surface, use degreasing agent to remove stains, then till it’s completely dry.
2、Pour small amount of CRYSTAL CERAMIC COATING onto applicator pad and microfiber wipe with a thin coating.
3、Finish buff with a dry AUTOCARE microfiber towel after waiting for 3-5 minutes.
4、Application of CRYSTAL CERAMIC COATING should be done on a single panel at a time (e.g. hood, fender, trunk) ensuring complete coverage and avoiding the possibility of letting the product dry too long.

5、When you think it’s not shiny enough, then use our AUTOCARE WATERMARK CERAMIC COATING for renewing.

Tips: We recommend the following product usage for the best results. CRYSTAL CERAMIC COATING covers approx. 230 square feet per 100ml. See below for more detail.
50ml bottle = 120 sq. ft. coverage
Honda Civic / Compact One 100ml bottle = 2 layers
Cadillac Escalade / SUV One 100ml bottle = 1.5 layers

Packing List:

Option 1: 1x Crystal Ceramic Coating 50ml only

Option 2 :
1x Crystal Ceramic Coating 50ml
1x Applicator
1x Microfiber Wipe
1x Spray Nozzle

Option 3 :
1x Crystal Ceramic Coating 50ml
1x Water Mark Ceramic Coating 50ml
2x Applicators
2x Microfiber Wipes
​2x Spray Nozzle

Option 4 :
1x Crystal Ceramic Coating 50ml
1x Degreasing Agent 50ml
2x Applicators
2x Microfiber Wipes
2x Spray Nozzles
( Degreasing agent help clean invisible dirt, make the coating process easier)

Option 5: Gift Kit
1x Crystal Ceramic Coating 50ml
1x Degreasing 50ml
2x Applicators
4x Microfiber Wipes
2x Spray Nozzles
2x Microfiber Polishing Towels


Q: What is the advantage of AUTOCARE COATING PRODUCTS over polyurethane clear coats that already provide significant gloss and color retention?
A: AUTOCARE COATING PRODUCTS provides additional gloss and protection shield over clear coats. The ceramic resin bonded coating helps contaminants slide off easily, which gives them less time to erode the surface. An added plus is the ease of cleaning your vehicle. An easy way to think of it would be that CRYSTAL CERAMIC COATING is the equivalent of another, harder and glossier clear coat layer.

Q: Can I wax or seal over AUTOCARE COATING PRODUCTS?
A: Yes, if desired waxing and sealing over THE coatings won’t damage it. Let CRYSTAL CERAMIC COATING cure for at least 24 hours before applying another product.
Q: Why does it seem that the water repellency has decreased over time?
A: This will happen over time due to the eventual buildup of contaminants (like every other coating). Just clean the surface with a mild cleanser and wash off thoroughly with water. The hydrophobic effect is then reproduced.

Q: What must be removed from the exterior paint before application?

A: Transit wrap, tape or glue lines, bug residue, road tar, and any other contaminants. All polishing must be done before application. Use a 20-50% IPA to water mix to mist the paint and wipe down with a microfiber towel to remove these residues. A paint shop safe prep-solvent will also do the trick.

Q: Can IT be applied using an HVLP spray gun?

A: Yes, IT can be applied using an HVLP spray gun, however X-TREME should be applied by hand.

Delivery: Free Shipping via Malaysia Post, usually you will receive the parcel in 15-39 days.
Coverage: Usually 1pc car liquid ceramic coat is enough for an ordinary size car by wipe method.
Usage: Painted Surface.
Curing Color: 100% colorless transparent.

Brand Name


Material Type

high performance inorganic silica components, lubricants etc.

Item Weight


Special Features

high gloss,super hydrophobic and oleophobic

Item Height


Item Volume


Item Type


Item Width


Item Diameter


Item Length


External Testing Certification


Model Name

Nano-Hybrid Technology


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