Latest Rechargeable Hair Clipper/Trimmer Cordless USB Charging


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Latest Rechargeable Hair Clipper/Trimmer Cordless USB Charging

2020 USB Rechargeable Hair Clipper Electric hair trimmer Cordless Shaver Trimmer 0mm Men Barber Hair Cutting Machine for men

1). Limit comb size

There may be some difference in the size of our limit comb, but the difference will not exceed 1mm. For example, the normal size of Bronze-USB is 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm. But in rare cases, we may send 1mm, 2mm, 3mm sizes. Please note that we will not make another notice.

2). The color of the cutter head and tail cap

The color of our Cutter head & Tail Cap is mainly golden. But in actual mass production, silver will be produced with the OEM brand. We will ship the goods randomly and will not make another notice.

The packaging and accessories are displayed in the SKU of the product, please pay attention to your choice when ordering.

Item 1: Product Features of USB Version

1). Bronze-USB;
2). Black-USB;
3). Black VGR-USB;
4). Skull-USB;
5). Gold-LCD;
6). Silver-LCD;
7). Thread Blue-USB;
8). Thread Gold-USB;
9). Brass-USB;

In order to create the greatest value for our respected customers, our products are divided into without boxes and with boxes. The price without box is affordable.

Five core designs allow you to use it with confidence.

Core Design 1: Innovative frequency conversion motor, 20000 rpm, powerful power, fast hair cutting, save a lot of hair cutting time.

The high-efficiency motor can create a variety of hairstyles easily and quickly. Feel free to change your hairstyle and enjoy a happy life.

Core Design 2: 1200mah large-capacity lithium battery, can be used for nearly one month after charging for 1.5 hours.

Note: The above data is calculated based on household use. The specific usage time is based on the following reasons:
1. Frequency of use;
2. The time of each use;
3. The effect of hair quality;

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all people can meet the above data standards.

Core Design 3: Smart USB charging control chip, direct charging, avoid the trouble of using battery.

The LCD-type hair clipper can intelligently display the product power. The operation is more convenient and easier to use.

Note: We use 2 digits to calculate power, so the maximum power of the product is 99. this is normal. Please rest assured to use.

Core Design 4: The high-strength titanium alloy cutter head has higher mechanical strength and longer service life.

Core Design 5: The unique industrial design and excellent laser engraving process create an extraordinary visual impact.

Item 2: Product Features of Rechargeable Battery Version

3). Gold-Battery;
4). Black-Battery;
5). Silver-Battery;

Note: In order to create the greatest value for our respected customers, our products are divided into without boxes and with boxes. The price without box is affordable.

Same function as USB type. It’s just a different design in the charging method. Let our customers have more personalized choices.

Efficiently create your favorite hairstyle, every detail is poured into the comfort of life brought by technology.

Cut the hair at a distance of 0 to fit the skin seamlessly, so that you can better sculpt the hair, thereby creating different styles of hair and increasing the visual impact.

The titanium alloy cutter head has high mechanical hardness and mechanical strength, thereby greatly improving the service life of the hair clipper.

Rechargeable high-quality 18500 lithium battery. The endurance is high, which can effectively improve the use time of the product.

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Hair Trimmer



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Rechargeable hair clipper

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Hair Trimmer Razor trimmer


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